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What is microblading eyebrows?
Get to know how does it work from the leading microblading artist in Connecticut
written by Marina Evseeva on 12/23/2020
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I believe that everybody already heard of microblading. This technique is semi-permanent and considered as a new generation of eyebrows tattoo. This service is usually performed by certified microblading artists, who should be also licensed as tattoo artists. In this article I'm going to answer the most frequently asked questions: does microblading hurt, how does it work, how long does it last, what aftercare to follow and where to get it! As a professional who has done more than 1000 microblading treatments and has taught more than 150 students, I have something to say about the procedure.
Marina Evseeva is leading permanent makeup/microblading artist and trainer based in Milford, Connecticut who performs and teaches classes for all types of permanent makeup services (including microblading&shading, powder effect/ombré brows, lash line enhancement, classic eyeliner, lips blush)

Licensed as tattoo artist and esthetician in New York, California, Connecticut

Marina did an absolutely amazing job on my eyebrows. Before I had blonde eyebrows you could hardly see and would've to fill them in every day and would be insecure and have to fill them as soon as I got out of the shower or pool. Now I can get them wet and wake up with perfect eyebrows. They look so natural! Everyone thinks they are natural! She changed my life for good.
Paige R., Yelp review
I had my eyebrows done with Marina. I've never had anything like this done so I was a bit worried about the pain. I had read her reviews and it said it wasn't painful. I was surprised I had no pain!!! And the procedure was about 45 minutes (numbing and procedure was about 1.5 hours). She is very knowledgeable and understood exactly what I wanted. She is a true artist. I strongly recommend her.
Linda Barragan, Google review
So glad I found Marina! It was my first eyebrows microblading experience and so happy I decided to do it. The whole process was quick and helpful. My eyebrows healed so smooth and painless. Very satisfied and highly recommend!
Aigerim Niyazova, Google review
Microblading eyebrows is semi-permanent makeup that can last 1-3 years depending on the artist's work, products, aftercare, client's health conditions, metabolism, lifestyle, skin type. My work typically lasts up to 3 years.
With thin needles that form the "blade", the artist draws the hair-like strokes which create the illusion of natural hairs. Work is like jewelry and requires a sense of beauty to see the shape, extensive training, and huge experience to perform it correctly. Not every artist is doing the same "microblading". Good artists are very rare, so I recommend choosing an artist whose works you admire even if the artist is very expensive and located not near you.

With me microblading requires two sessions to be done - first (initial) session which takes 1.5-2 hours and a touch up in 4-6 weeks which takes 1-1.5 hours. That's it! I know how to deliver excellent healed results within minimum time and with minimal discomfort. If you do the procedure with inexperienced artists, it might take more sessions for good healed results and more time for each session! One of my clients who had previous experience with somebody else told me that they did her eyebrows for 6 hours! Of course, it was painful and very traumatic, so it didn't heal well. ALWAYS CHOOSE PROFESSIONALS FOR THIS PROCEDURE!

To maintain result for longer than lasting time, I recommend to do touch up every 1-2 years to boost the color and refresh the eyebrows. SO LOOK FOR GOOD HEALED RESULTS IN PORTFOLIO WHEN SEARCHING FOR ARTIST. My portfolio you can find here and it includes both fresh and healed works.

Microblading disposable pen
Mapping process - I double check symmetry
The procedure is performed with the help of numbing cream, so there is usually LITTLE TO NO PAIN when work is done properly. I recommend to eat and sleep well before the procedure, not worry and stress out about it, because it also affects pain level. Also, no alcohol should be taken 24 prior to procedure. I apply numbing cream before the procedure for 20+ minutes and re-apply it during the procedure.

After this I sketch your future eyebrows, we do not move forward until you are fully satisfied with the shape and approve the sketch. This part is important, so any reputable artist would do it firstly. If somebody want to "freestyle" your eyebrows, RUN! Only after approval of the shape, we move forward with microblading itself. Aftercare instructions are simple to follow and you can read standard instructions here. When I finish the procedure, I will give you instructions with some adjustments according to your skin.

If you have any questions about the procedure or need an evaluation of the artist you are going to, feel free to text me 347-479-75-65 or message me on Facebook! I offer free consultation and am more than happy to discuss your "eyebrows goals"!

My main location is in Milford, Connecticut. I travel with training to New York and California, so you might be able to catch me there to do your procedure.

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