Emphasize your natural beauty or hide the limitations (scars, assymetry etc.) with microblading eyebrows!
During 2 hours we'll choose the right technique for you, perfect shape and color, do procedure, give full recommendations for aftercare and make appointment for touch up!
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What you need to know about microblading
Before microblading
How to be prepared for microblading?

We always work for result! Your satisfaction is the most important thing in our work
So what do you need to get perfect result?

Sleep well the night before procedure
Be excited that you are getting your eyebrows done!
Try to relax before procedure
Good mood is the best supporter in our mission

You are great! You are prepared for pretty result!
After microblading
What should you do after microblading?

We have applied a liquid barrier that will stay on and protect your brows. Avoid getting anything on the brows, including water, except for cleansing as directed. You may blot for the first few hours with sterile gauze to remove any excess fluids, if necessary.

Cleansing: In 2-4 hours, wash lightly with slightly damp Q-tips and antibacterial or green soap (non-scented orange Dial soap is a great option). Repeat this very gently during days 1-4. When washing, it should be very gentle and with hardly any water. Do not attempt to remove the barrier film if it was applied. Allow it to come off naturally it is own time. Please avoid saturating brows with water. After the initial 3 days of washing, you may very sparingly apply balm to hydrate your brow area for dryness relief. Do not pick or rub the brows. The flakes must fall off on their own or you will risk removing the color and possibly scarring.

Do not soak the treated area in the bath, pool or hot tub. For 14 days, refrain from swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, saunas, hot yoga, steam rooms or sun beds.

No exercise for 14 days. Or when exercising, wear a sweatband to avoid sweat on brow area.

Do not expose treated area to direct sunlight. Or use a sunscreen to avoid fading from the sun.

No makeup should be applied directly on the brows during the healing process.

Do not touch, rub, pick or scratch your brows following treatment or during healing process.

You may find that your eyebrows will scab or become slightly dry following the treatment. If they itch, DO NOT SCRATCH them. You may tap them to alleviate the itch.

If your eyebrows get wet during the healing process, pat them dry with a towel, DO NOT RUB.

Avoid using daily skincare products directly on the eyebrows.

If you are planning a chemical peel, or any other medical procedure, please inform therapist of the procedure you have had. Procedure should only be done once the healing process is complete.
Who can't get microblading done
Who can't get microblading:

- You have to be no younger than 18 years old to get Microblading
- People who had Botox or other injections less than 2 weeks before the treatment
- Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
- Do not use tanning beds before the treatment
- Do not use blood thinners or aspirin
- Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before treatment

The following medical conditions require a note from your doctor giving consent Diabetes Type 1 and 2, high blood pressure, auto-immune disease, thyroid / Graves' disease Any other medical condition that causes slow healing or a high risk of infection.
Does it hurt?
Does microblading hurt?

Microblading can be different. Everything what I write is true only for our place In another places you can experience different procedure.

The most of our customers sleep during Microblading I'm very serious. We use numbing cream as many times, as you need.

After first application of numbing cream you can still feel pain. To keep shape we need to finish our first pass and only then we can apply numbing cream again. Exactly after second application of cream your pain will be gone totally. Because on broken skin cream works much better and quicker.

Who can feel pain even after several application of numbing cream?

People under stress
People with hormones problem (and also 1-3 days before menstruation or during first day of menstruation)
People who didn't eat or sleep well before appointment
People which has no reaction on lidocaine
People with another pain (after surgery, for example)

Just be ready for procedure! Prepare yourself and your experience of microblading with us will be great!
How long does microblading last?
This question is almost the first when people just start to think about getting microblading!

So, I'll explain you why this period can be different in advertising of different technicians or beauty salons.

Firstly this moment depends on depth. If you put the pigment too deep, it is going to last longer. But we can get some problems with color changing in a year or two. Also to avoid of getting scars we can't put pigment too deep.

The answer on this question also depends on skin conditions. If you have dry skin you will be glad with result longer, than person with oily skin.

If you have oily skin we recommend to get touch up every 8-12 months to make perfect result. If you have dry skin you next touch up need to be done in 12-24 months.

The result depends on your aftercare. If you are going to do peelings on the eyebrows area, you can remove your eyebrows earlier.

So, usually we tell about lasting time that it is around 12-18 months. But now you know that this period can be longer or shorter:-)
If I already have tattoo, can you cover it with microblading
People who already had experience with tattoo or microblading on eyebrows need consultation firstly! Send your picture without make up and we'll tell you, what can we do.

We do not give any guaranties for people with previous tattoo. Microblading is very delicate technique, so when you have "clean canvas", we can definitely do fantastic job!
How long does it take?
Time depends on many factors. But approximately first session takes maximum 2 hours (usually one and a half), touch up takes about one hour.
Procedure, which will be helpful for everyone!
Are you still not sure about getting procedure done?
Watch what our customers think about microblading with us!
Look beautiful in every situation and during any time!
Microblading is good tool in beauty!
It gives you more free time!
You don't need to spend time for everyday makeup!
It makes your natural beauty better!
It emphasizes your facial features, making them more expressive.
It lets you to look like a million in any situation!
Not washed with water (pool, sauna, shower).
You will forget about the panda effect.
Makeup is always with you: at a party, at work, on vacation, with family.
It corrects visual face imperfections!
Masking scars, stretch marks after acne.
Will help with congenital defects of appearance: loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, trauma to the face, the consequences of plastic surgery.
It saves you from skin irritations!
It solves the problem of clogging pores and skin irritation from decorative cosmetics.
It conceives congenital defects in appearance!
It will help to change the shape, give volume, visually increase, align, change the color.
Take a look at all our portfolio in Instagram (more than 300 before/after)
Artists who are recommended by customers
Experienced perfectionists work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy :-)
Marina Evseeva
Licensed microblading artist&trainer
Marina is licensed in New York and California, certified in microblading and PMU, she has Infection Control Course and BloodBorne Pathogen Certificates. She does microblading eyebrows and "lash effect" and also teaches our microblading certification programs.
She has 5 years experience in skin care, 3 years in microblading.
Anna Platovska
Licensed PMU artist&trainer
Anna is licensed in New York and California, certified in microblading, PMU and BB Glow, she has Infection Control Course and BloodBorne Pathogen Certificates. She does permanent make up& microblading (eyebrows, lips and eyeliner), BB Glow and also teaches PMU certification program.
She has 3 years experience in tattoo sphere, 2 years in PMU and microblading.
We use FDA-approved pigments
which are specially developed for microblading on the face skin
Only natural colors
The perfectly matched ratio of the dye to the liquid fraction in the pigment allows the color to go out evenly through natural tones without bright drops
Mineral-based pigment
Pigments are designed specifically for the procedure on the face skin.
They do not contain heavy metals and other unnatural elements for the body.
Easy to correct or change
Pigments easily lie on the skin and are amenable to correction. At any time you can correct the color and shape.
Pigment will fade naturally in 12-24 months
They leave the skin without residue. You can try different techniques to perform the procedure and find your ideal image
We fix at least 10 poor quality works every month done in another places
Trust me, it is better to get microblading done by professional one time, than try to save money and become regular customer for tattoo removal
Unwanted color
The most of technicians use the pigments for body tattoo. After a few months the color can be changed and become blue, red or pink. We use mineral-based pigments, which heal perfectly and fade naturally!
Non-symmetrical eyebrows with bad shape
Some technicians who took cheap classes or even learned microblading via Youtube doesn't have required knowledges to perform quality procedure. Our artists are certified from a few different schools and have an experience, so your results will be great!
Stereotyped works
Sometimes artists do the same shape for every client, so final result doesn't look natural and client is not happy with result. We do individual shape for each client, making sure that sketch is perfectly look on your face.
Artist doesn't care about final result
In microblading the most technicians doesn't care about final result, so they don't provide full information about procedure (including contraindications) or don't check their healed results. We always refuse to do procedure if you are not a good candidate for it!
Do you want to fix old tattoo on eyebrows?

We often face with the same situations. Ask our specialist - is it possible to do procedure over your old tattoo or do you need a tattoo removal session firstly?
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Microblading procedure step-by-step
01. First consultation
We meet you and answer your questions (by the phone, text or in person), sign the consent form, explain what you can expect
02. Drawing sketch
You will see shape before we will start procedure. So there is no things to be scared of, your shape will be created considering your wishes.
03. Application of numbing cream
We use numbing cream during procedure so you will be comfortable throughout microblading session. Sometimes we apply numbing cream before drawing sketch.
04. Preparing for procedure
At this step we open sterile disposable needles, prepare all tools which will be used during procedure.
05. First pass to keep the shape
Start of work, we do first pass of hair-strokes to keep our outline, so we are sure, your shape will be exactly like it was drawn.
06. Anesthesia one more time
We use numbing cream again between first and second pass, so you'll be absolutely fine during the process
07. Second pass to finish procedure
We fill out whole eyebrow, than we make sure your brows are symmetrical according to mobile app.
08. Giving comments and aftercare recommendation
You'll get information about color, shape, aftercare
09. Appointment for touch up
To make sure we will have time for your touch up, I recommend you to book appointment for touch up in advance - right after first session. But if you are not sure about day or time, of course, you can contact us later!
10. And you are ready to go!
Pictures after procedure with your artist, video-reviews and reviews in Facebook are very appreciated!
Are you still not sure about microblading?

There is no things to be scared of! Get free
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microblading right for you and we'll take care
of result!
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