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Address: 203 Broad Street Milford CT 06460
Suite C4

For comfortable work, please, read our policy!

1. We work by appointments only!

2. We don't accept calls - only text or messages.

3. You may cancel or reschedule appointment 48 hours prior appointment without any effect on your future work with us.

4. Non-refundable deposit is required for reservation of all our classes and appointments for over 1 hour of time. Deposit will go toward your payment.

5. If your appointment was without deposit and you did not show up, we will ask you to pay for missed time prior scheduling another appointment.

6. Consultations are free (15 min). If you need to meet in-person before placing deposit - you are always welcome!

7. Please, don't rush your artist, when we are doing permanent makeup. When you make appointment online, you will see how much time will appointment take.

8. Any procedure might take longer than planned (usually, it's because of client who need more time to approve design or placement of design or moving during procedure a lot).

9. If you are running late - let us know. If you have appointment for less than 30 minutes, we might need to reschedule you or you will need to wait for available time.

10. We work with people of any genders, races, nationalities and colors.

11. But we have a right to refuse service to anyone! So, please, be nice and respectful human!

12. All covers of previous tattoo require consultation first. Send a picture of eyebrows/lips/eyeliner (depending on what you are planning to do). Picture should be under the light, free of any makeup. Removal is suggested for any previous permanent makeup done by other artists for better results. But cover ups are also possible. I do not give any guarantees when you have previous work done by someone else

13. For all special offers or models, we expect to have photos of our work in portfolio. If you don't want your photos to be used - you can always pay standard rates.

14. Prices are not negotiable.

15. If you have any medical conditions (physical or mental) which can affect the procedure and healing process, consult with doctor first

More information you can find in Disclaimer at the end of this page.

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