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Certification course
Approved by American academy of micropigmentation (AAM)
100-hours Fundamental Permanent Makeup& Microblading Course
This course is prepared by the leading permanent makeup artist&trainer for you to SUCCEED in this industry by building the strong foundation of knowledge and skills.
During this course you will learn
You will get the strong theoretic knowledges and will be able to get practical skills by working on live models.
Microblading Eyebrows
Powder Effect/Ombre
Combination technique (Microblading&Shading)
Lips Blush / Aquarelle lips
Classic eyeliner
Lash line enhancement
Why to choose our course
  • High Quality of Learning Materials
    This course combines the virtual learning environment with live 1:1 supervised practice on models. You will get the high quality videos for preparation, sessions in virtual classroom and then practice on live models.
  • Comfortable Time for Learning
    You will be able to study in your own pace before the final step - practice on models. All virtual classroom sessions will be recorded, so you will be able to review them if you missed something.
  • Good Support
    Isn't it amazing having your trainer answering your questions? This is one of the best features of this class, that all your questions will be answered. Even when you finish this course, you will be able to ask questions and discuss any difficulties which you might have.
  • All materials for Course are provided
    You will receive simple started kit in order to be able to practice on fake skin and to get familiar with the tools. Also, you will receive information about different types of ink and tools to be able to choose the one which works best for you!
  • 1:1 supervised practice on models
    We believe that permanent makeup is the industry which requires personal attention for trainees during practice. While many other schools doing practice session for few students at a time, we see that 1:1 private practice sessions for students brings level of confidence up significantly and make student's results better. Models are provided!
  • Taught by Board Certified Permanent Makeup Trainer
    The course program is AAM approved as fundamental, reviewed by top-permanent makeup artists and taught by the only one Board Certified Permanent makeup Trainer in Connecticut - Marina Evseeva. Certification is accepted in all states and by all insurance companies.
Class Program& Schedule
The course is divided into three sections:

1) before class (preparation with online materials),

2) theory in a virtual classroom
(6 sections, the average time to complete - 2 months) with homework,

3) 1:1 practice on live models
(each student gets to practice approximately on 3-6 models) during 2 in-person days.

Meet your trainer
The first trainer plays an important role in your career and it is crucial to make a right choice. The more knowledgeable your trainer is, the more knowledge you will be able to take from your course and pass to your clients.
Marina Evseeva
Creator of this course
Marina has been practicing permanent makeup and microblading for over 7 years. Having strong background in medical field, skin care and art, she was able to use all her knowledge, expertise and skills into the art of permanent makeup.

She personally has done more than 1700 PMU treatments in various climate areas (Moscow, New York-Connecticut, California) and for very diverse clients (various skin types&colors, medical conditions, ages). More than 220 students are trained by her.

She is licensed in 3 states - New York, California, Connecticut. AAM Board Certified Permanent Makeup Trainer.
Marina is also a mom of two daughters.
What our students say about the course:
100 HOURS FUNDAMENTAL COURSE Pricing & Registration information

The full price of the course is $6,900

This price includes learning materials, a simple starter kit, instructions, and practice sessions. The kit will be prepared to be shipped after we receive your payment.

Send a text message to 347-479-75-65 or email: marinaivanovarane@gmail.com to register for the course. Please, include your full name, phone number, and email. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we are not able to accept calls. You can always book free in-person consultation (15 min) to meet and chat!

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