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BEING MODEL FOR TRAINING: what do you need to know?
Marina Evseeva
Co-founder of Microblading by Marina Evseeva
Licensed and certified permanent makeup artist and educator
Licensed esthetician
Author of courses "Intensive Microblading Training", "Microblading&Shading Fundamental Training", "Permanent Makeup Fundamental Training", "Perfection Microblading Training"
In this article I decided to put all frequently asked questions from prospective models together and explain why do we need models and what you can expect from it.
To become certified in any service in our school, students have practical part of trainings (practice on model). We are focused on preparing professionals who are focused on providing high standards services to customers. That's why during the training students have in-depth preparation with theory and practice skin before they start working on model.

✔️ Be ready for pictures and videos to be posted in student's and school's social networks or websites! If you don't want video or pics to be posted - choose regular appointments instead. Students pay for training to learn how to do service and THEY NEED PORTFOLIO to start working immediately after training. That's why we are taking pictures during before/after and during procedure, asking for video reviews. Portfolio is basically "bread and butter" for permanent makeup artists. Especially, for beginners who count every work and new picture.
“I still remember my first model, she was so happy to get her eyebrows, eyeliner and lips with me, that it gave me huge motivation to continue my work and learning"
✔️ We charge model fee all the time (except last minute calls). Usually it's very small amount of money (considering to regular prices). This is our policy and the way of working to be able to provide quality service and spend enough time with each model. Booking fee does include expenses on ads, answering all your questions, setting appointment, your booked time, materials. Service itself is free for you, because basically it is paid by student who will be practicing on you.

You can pay booking fee in advance at a time of booking, it will be confirmation for us that you are coming 100%. For you it will be fully reserved time, which means better quality and more time. Model fee is non-refundable, but you can reschedule appointment if 72 hours notice given.

You can pay booking fee at office upon arrival, but when appointments are not pre-paid, sometimes we have to do overbooking to be sure that the promised number of models will come.

✔️ Student is under supervision of teacher. On first models teacher does a half of work until student will be confident enough to do full work. We do not let student work in models on their own until they are good doing different parts of work.

Our system of preparing student to practice on models is one of the best and it showed its results on more than 100 students.

✔️ You will be the one who student will remember probably for the rest of her/his career ❤️ That's why if you know you have problems with self-esteem, you are very picky and need a lot of attention during procedure, please, do not sign up to being model. You can come with the full price and we will be able to provide service which is right for you.

I still remember my first model, she was so happy to get her eyebrows, eyeliner and lips with me, that it gave me huge motivation to continue my work and learning.

Last month, I had student from Minnesota who travelled all the way to Los Angeles for her advanced training with me. She already took huge number of training, but only models in our places gave her so sweet and kind feedback with many warm words that she told that only that feedback worth to travel! Of course, her work was really great!

To know what types of work our students do, I put some pictures from training lower. Hopefully, this article helped you to understand more about modeling for training! Thank you so much for playing such an important role in our careers!!!
Some of our model's before and after-s:
Some of our model's reviews:
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August 31st / 2019

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