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Once you've started thinking about new career in microblading or if you are moving from another state or country to Los Angeles, you have to be aware of local requirements to perform microblading.
What are the requirements for microblading artists in Los Angeles?

Microblading procedure is a form of tattooing, that's why you have to obtain tattoo license which is called Body Art Certificate in Los Angeles. The same one you need to perform tattoo or permanent makeup.

How to get tattoo license in LA?

  1. You will need to take BloodBorne Pathogen Training and pass the test (you can do it online for around $25 here , it'll take 2-3 hours to complete). After this you will receive BloodBorne Pathogen certificate which is going to be valid for 1 year. Make sure that you take training which is approved for Los Angeles county.
  2. Make a passport type photo (2x2 inches), only first time you will need it, because it will appear on your certificate.
  3. Fill out the application form for Body Art Certificate, which is available to download here : Body Art Practitioner Application
  4. Get Hepatitis B vaccination done or fill out declination form if for some reasons you don't want to get it done. Declination form you can download here : Voluntary Declination of Hepatitis B Vaccination
  5. In the section of business address you can put info of your business if you have one or the address of your school where you going to take the training. School must have valid Health Permit from Los Angeles Health Department (you can get fine for unlicensed activity even if you are taking class).
  6. Attach copy of your Driver License (or other government-issued ID), BloodBorne Pathogen Certificate and check payable to Los Angeles county for $54.
  7. Mail it to LA county Environmental Health - Body Art Program on the address in your application.

After this, you are all set with a county requirements! If you are new, it's time to take a training and start practicing! We will be super happy to see you on our trainings, certificates from which are recognized in the most states and insurance companies! If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask!⤵️

WATCH OUR VIDEO for step-by-step instruction of application for Body Art Certificate (tattoo license).
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February 9th / 2020

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