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HOW TO become Microblading Artist in California?
Marina Evseeva
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Author of courses "Intensive Microblading Training", "Microblading&Shading Fundamental Training", "Permanent Makeup Fundamental Training", "Perfection Microblading Training"
If you want to become microblading artist in Los Angeles or any other city in California, here is information about how the one can do it. If you are referring to this article from another state, please, check your local requirements, cause they might be different or contact us and we will be happy to search for requirements for you.
First of all, I recommend to check with your local Health Department exact requirements for becoming microblading artist, because they can slightly vary from county to county. In all counties, the program for tattoo artists is called "Body Art Program", so you can just search in google for the program in your county to find out all information, for example, you can search for "Body Art Program Los Angeles", "Body Art Program San Diego", "Boyd Art Program Ventura county" or similar. Body Art Practitioner Registration is kind of tattoo license in California.
“Microblading is kind of TATTOO, so you are going to tattoo someone's face, please, come to your research of training with a lot of responsibility"
After you are done researching requirements for license, start looking for good microblading class. Microblading is kind of TATTOO, so you are going to tattoo someone's face, please, come to your research with a lot of responsibility! Less people in the class is better, online class is NOT something what can teach you how to practice on people, but can give you good info as a introduction class to advanced class. We offer hands-on private or semi-private classes, which include complimentary starter kits for your convenience! Our classes are not cheap, but we guarantee that when you finish our fundamental classes, you will be able to work on your own! Our fundamental classes are 3-days Microblading&Shading and 3-days Permanent Makeup trainings.

If you are looking for class considering price, remember the rates which good microblading artists charge per 2-hours procedure, usually it'saround $300-600, so do you think good artist will teach yo for less than $1000/day? I don't think so! So cheap classes will bring you nowhere close to good results!

Once you've finished good fundamental classes and got your practice on models under supervision (our classes include practice on a lot of models, when many others don't), you already have portfolio on your hands and this is a great thing for beginners!

Then, get all your paperwork with your county, which I mentioned above, think about how would you like to start working? On your own? Or be hired by someone?

If you want to work on your own, you will need to get also business license, Health Permit for your office (or you can find microblading/permanent makeup station for rent in existing business who already have Health Permit - we are giving opportunity for our students to rent a station on daily or weekly basis in our Los Angeles office), think about insurance if you want to have it.

Of course, to become truly professional in this industry, it's necessary to practice on fake skin as well - any time when you can. Only with practice you will be able to learn microblading patterns and remember all the steps of procedure to be able to work fast and provide great results! It take around 6 months of practice to get awesome results in microblading and confident hand.

You've done amazing job if you finished all this steps! Of course, you can already accept clients when you just finished your first microblading course (if it was a good one) and got your license.

If you decide to follow the path of microblading artist and have any questions about it, feel free to ask me! I taught more than 100 students with private and semi-private classes and the most of them are successfully practice this technique and feed their families by microblading only!

Some of our models from classes before and after-s⤵️ This is kind of work my beginner students do during their first training with me
Some of our model's reviews:
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August 31st / 2019

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