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What to expect on your first microblading appointment with me?
Marina Evseeva
Co-founder of Microblading by Marina Evseeva
Licensed and certified permanent makeup artist and educator
Licensed esthetician
Author of courses "Intensive Microblading Training", "Microblading&Shading Fundamental Training", "Permanent Makeup Fundamental Training", "Perfection Microblading Training"
In this article, I was trying to show and explain the steps of my work during microblading eyebrows and what you can expect on first session. This information will be great for a first time customers as well as for the people who already have permanent makeup done.
When you come to office for appointment, first thing we do is consultation and PAPERWORK. Microblading is a serious procedure, that's why I will need you to fill in your medical history form and read information about it before we begin.

At the same time, I put strong NUMBING CREAM for 20 minutes, which will help us to make procedure for you very comfortable.

After we are done with papers and numbing cream begins to work, I draw the SKETCH using pencil. At this part of procedure you can see my suggestions and tell me your wishes. My preference is natural shape which is done according to your face features and natural eyebrows.
Once you've approved the shape, we start doing microblading. I do microblading in two or three steps, trying to create hair pattern according to your natural hair growth. Between each step I put numbing cream even if you already feel numbed. It helps to keep numbing effect.

At the end, I put pigment mask for a couple of minutes and then, remove it with antibacterial liquid (which can tingle a little bit).

When whole procedure is done, I explain aftercare and give products to use during healing process. Procedure takes around an hour and a half.
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August 4th / 2019

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