Natural technique which helps to create hair-strokes which looks almost like natural hairs. This is art on your eyebrows. Procedure takes around 2 hours.
Combo eyebrows (+shading)
This technique is combination of microblading and shading. It helps to create more volume on eyebrows and make more natural effect for those who don’t have eyebrows at all, who has old tattoo which need to be covered. Procedure takes a little bit more than 2 hours
Touch up
In most situations, microblading is two-steps procedure, that's why touch up is recommended in 4-6 weeks after initial procedure, but can be done later. Procedure takes around 1 hour.
Permanent makeup
Technique with which we can create powder effect on eyebrows or ombre. This technique is great for those who is looking for result like makeup. Procedure takes an hour and a half.
Eyeliner includes top or bottom eyeliner or both together. We do the type of eyeliner which will look great even in a few years (natural eyeliner). Time of procedure may vary depends on result you are looking for - it can take 1-2 hours.
Eyeliner between lashes (waterline)
This is the most natural type of permanent makeup on eyes. The space between lashes will be filled in and it will look very natural, so you will not be stuck with one type of eyeliner for long time. You will look gorgeous without makeup and you will be able to put any makeup on eyes. It takes up to 1 hour to get it done!
Any technique (aquarelle lips, lipstick effect, contour with shading) are included for this zone. There is choice of colors to be selected. You can bring your favorite lipstick to show which color you prefer or it can be decided during procedure. It takes around 2 hours for procedure.
It includes permanent makeup on eyebrows, eyeliner between lashes and lips. Eyebrows can be done in microblading technique too. All three zones together takes around 3 hours.